Greetings from IPv6


Greetz, I’m one of the suckers (or visionaries depending on who you talk to) who has taken the plunge of the edge of the Internet so to speak. From the well trodden park of IPv4 into the still nearly empty new world of IPv6.

There is a lot of talk these days about ‘IPv4 is running out’. It’s supposed to happen only 4 years away now. As with Y2K I am one of the unbelievers who laugh in the face of technological hysteria then do something practical to protect myself just in case.

To follow the metaphor I had one foot over the edge when I discovered that three of the stable supports of my business did not do IPv6 in any which way or form. Two I could isolate internally so nobody noticed I still had them in IPv4, the other though was Squid.

That marvelous proxy server that can be configured to do just about anything to control customers access to the web. Could not talk to an IPv6 client or server.

That was December 2006, 2 weeks before we planned to go fully native IPv6 inside. Major braking, me quickly looking for an alternative and finding no choice but to make it work. I am always of the belief that its better to fix or replace software at the source rather than create a child version and play catchup. So I joined the team (good thing Squid is open source).

Since then I have taken control of the Squid3-ipv6 code and done a lot of renovation. Details on all that are another post altogether……


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