HTMLised Squid Configuration Document


The default configuration file is the “authoritative” documentation for Squid options but its a bit on the big and unwieldy side. Henrik pointed out on IRC that it’d be nice if we had a HTML version of the squid.conf.default file; hyperlinked and highlighted.

So I hacked up a quick script to convert the default configuration data file (, which gets processed into the configuration parser and default configuration file)  into a bunch of HTML pages – one per option, then an index page.

Henrik then changed things around a little to generate an index page with sections – like the actual configuration file – and we’re shifting configuration options around into said sections. Amusingly, too much ended up in the “miscellaneous” section. Thats slowly being fixed.

Some options could do with better documentation; some options have no documentation at all! If you’d like to submit some updates then please feel free to leave a comment.

You can find the daily configuration manual build for Squid-2 HEAD here.


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