IPv6 News of the week


I’ll make it quick since I’m posting from the wrong end of tommorrow for most of you.

This week one very important and one not so important things have happend to the world of IPv6.

In world news: the ‘end of IPv4’ has been recalculated with a better model and found to be much closer than thought. It was expected ‘next decade’. Now the big crunch is expected to start on or around 21 Dec 2009.

In local breaking news: the ident ACLs in squid got updated a few minutes ago. Now lets hope ident servers around the world can reply.


2 Responses to “IPv6 News of the week”

  1. Adrian Chadd Says:

    Hm, so is Squid-3’s ipv6 branch about ready to test out? I’ve got a couple of ipv6-friendly networks I can proxy with it.

  2. madcache Says:

    If I have all the major sections right its about half done. I’m still learning about large areas of the code so I may have missed something.
    The rest of the response is taking me too long to describe so I’ll make a full post covering the theoretical capabilities of the branch.

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