Its not over until its over!


A user posted to the squid-users list about a Squid web UI and a number of people gave options. One option was mentioned, but the original poster commented the project was “dead” and he couldn’t run something thats “dead”.

Henrik’s reply points out that open source software isn’t dead until the last copy has vanished. Someone then picked up on this in their blog.

I can’t help but think the original poster is after some software thats actively developed, so he doesn’t have to develop or pay for it. That only works if there’s a critical threshold of developers keeping development alive. Squid languished for a while because everyone wanted to run it, but somehow no-one was funding or contributing towards further public Squid developments. Luckily this seems to have picked up somewhat, but we definitely could do with assistance.

4 Responses to “Its not over until its over!”

  1. tutorialesgnu Says:

    I’m de user

    maybe I can’t explain very well because my English is very bad, so
    dead not was what i want to said.

    Please don’t take my words exactly because my English is bad.

    I am using squid and like it, y i can’t help with a tool like this but
    y want to help with some translation English to Spanish, because here
    in Argentina and Latin America many people use Squid. I send a e-mail
    to but nobody answer me back,

    Lucas Coudures

  2. Adrian Chadd Says:


    Feel free to just create a set of patches and email them to We’ll be happy to review your work (as much as we can review foreign translations!) and get it committed.

  3. tutorialesgnu Says:

    Ok i will start to do some translation.
    i send this to or to ??

    Lucas Coudures

  4. Adrian Chadd Says:

    Send to .

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