IPv6 sees daylight


Still early days in the testing, but squid3-ipv6 now seems to be over its teething segfaults (seems the cache-store was built of some old strange matter) and has been running for a few hours so well.

This post is the first fully browsed to, written and posted from IPv6 🙂

Like so:

::1 -> 2001:5c0:9388:0:217:9aff:febe:30e5(squid) -> (squid) -> wordpress.com
Thank you to everyone who helped get it this far.

The alteration patch is so large, I am planning a daily tarball for the IPv6 code. But that is still a ways off.

For now those continuing with the testing will need to grab clean code from the June 9 daily snapshot and squid3-ipv6 patch when it gets built. Then do a full reconfigure on the binary and destructive rebuild of the testing cache-dir.

This is necessary since most of the segfaults have been traced to a few data store and transfer points causing corruption in transit.

I’m now open for feature-to-be-converted requests.

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