Squid-2 /dev/poll update


I’ve some feedback from another beta tester of my Solaris /dev/poll support in Squid-2. Quoting his latest email:

“With Squid 2.5-STABLE14, I was seeing 100% CPU on both machines during peak times of the day (mostly pollsys calls), and I couldn’t get more than about 5Mbps of throughput through the infrastructure. This was with approximately 400 users and 10-20 hits/sec.”
“Using 2.HEAD-20070604 with /dev/poll enabled, my internal proxy has dropped to 20% CPU utilization and the external is under 10%, and I can easily get nearly the full throughput of our 45Mbps connection.”

I’ve no idea of the hardware he’s using to achieve this – when I find out I’ll post it here – but thats a definite improvement.

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