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Proxying with Squid: A Users Perspective

July 17, 2007

Someone pointed me over to where the author wrote up a quick Howto for various Squid tasks – basic refresh_patterns for controlling cacheability of files, filetypes and web URLs; remote refreshing; performance review; and an example reverse accelerator setup.

I think its a nice high-level introduction to using Squid as an website accelerator.

The Squid Configuration Manual

July 16, 2007

There’s been plenty of attempts at writing a Squid “configuration manual” (including the visolve documentation) which serves a good purpose (how do I do X?) but aren’t kept up to date when configuration options grow, change or die.

I whipped up a quick hacky bit of Perl which takes the squid.conf.default file (the “canonical” description of each configuration option, hopefully with examples!) and breaks it out into more manageable HTML pages. The result is available here for Squid-2.6 and here for Squid-3.0. All possible Squid configuration options are listed on the front page with each option populating its own page. This is so much easier to read than the squid.conf.default file. They’re updated whenever the squid configuration file is updated to reflect new, changed and deleted configuration options.

It does require the configuration file to be kept up to date, and there might be a t-shirt in it for you if you’re willing to spend some time tidying up the configuration file ( in the Squid release source tree) and expanding on various options. Some are well documented (see acl) whislt some aren’t documented at all..

Squid Wiki Articles for T-shirts!

July 13, 2007

There’s a few articles which should be written up in the Squid Wiki to cover commonly-asked questions.

I’m happy to donate a Squid mug, mouse-pad or t-shirt ( to anyone who volunteers their time to help the Squid project writing up some documentation.

The first article I’d like to see is one covering how to write URL and MIME type filters to filter specific file types and extensions. That keeps popping up on IRC and the squid-users email list.

Squid and Phishy filtering

July 8, 2007

A month or two ago I had a random thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to integrate‘s database of online “phishy” URLs into Squid somehow?”

phishtank error

My next target is to extend it to include Google’s SafeBrowsing API and downloadable hash database, which will provide enterprise organisations, ISPs, educational instutions and the like more of a reason to run Squid to provide extra safety against all the evil crap thats out there.

Further Info on IPv6 – Where the official site actually is…

July 3, 2007

Since people seem to be redirected here in preference to the official pages on the squid IPv6 branch. I think its about time I made some quick references back there so all of you trying to use this wonderful branch can find the actual code and know how to do so.

The IPv6 work in squid is all currently documented at and related pages. My contacts, or those of any developer is kept on to maintain it should be referenced from there.

How-To’s, configuration, patches, etc, etc, ‘all the guff’ as they say, will be available there shortly as well.