Squid-2.7 Branched; performance work has begun!


Henrik has branched Squid-2.7 – it hasn’t been formally announced yet but it should be any day now.I’ve begun rolling in infrastructure changes with an eye towards improved performance in Squid. Squid-2 is my testbed at the moment – I’m leaving Squid-3 alone for now to let the codebase mature and the C++ guys to, well, do their C++ “thing”. The first round of patches to Squid-2.HEAD remove one of the major CPU and memory bottlenecks – memcpy()’ing of data as it passes from the store (so from anywhere, really) back to the client. This may or may not improve performance with your workload but its the beginning of sensible dataflow inside Squid.(I estimate this brings Squid up to the late 90’s in terms of network application coding..)My next trick will be reference counted buffers and strings, to avoid more memcpy()ies, memory allocation/frees, and general L2 cache busting. More on that later. 


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