Bugs Marathon to 3.2 release


The new features for Squid-3.2 are now decided and present, the latest builds seem to be running okay. Operating system distributors are starting to work on producing packages for the upcoming release.

So when do we get to see a stable release?

Yes, well. There is just one little problem. Before 3.2 can be released as stable for widespread production use we need to be sure that there are no serious bugs in the new or updated code. Right now we are aware of a few that have not been fixed.

We need assistance fixing bugs in the 3.2 beta.

The serious bug clearing focus actually began two months ago. The worst bugs have now been squashed and we are down to the last few dozen major bugs blocking a stable release. You can find these marked as major, critical, or blocker in our bugzilla. Any assistance finding the causes or working patches for the remaining bugs is very welcome and will help speed up the release process.

IMPORTANT: please ensure that the bugzilla gets your reports.


What is the fuss about Squid-2.7?

Squid 3.2 is a little bit unusual. Being the release where the Squid-3 series finally superceeds the Squid 2.6 and 2.7 fork in both common features and performance. Squid-2 has not been actively maintained for more than a year now. Features available in that alternate series of Squid are almost all available in Squid-3.2, the remaining features are expected to be ported over shortly after 3.2 is released stable and developer time becomes more available.

What this means in terms of bugs is that a lot of the 2.6 and 2.7 series bugs are being closed with target milestone of 3.2 when they are fixed or no longer relevant to 3.2 code. So if you are waiting for a 2.7 series bug to be closed, please do not be alarmed when its closed against 3.2 without a 2.7 fix being available.

We expect 3.2 to be useful wherever Squid 2.7 is currently running, if you find the upgrade not working that is a problem we need to resolve as soon as possible. So please give it a try and report problems. Just remember to read the 3.2 release notes carefully, and possibly the 3.1 release notes as well.

By and large these older squid-2 series bugs are not going to block the 3.2 release any more than old 3.0 and 3.1 bugs will. But identifying and closing bugs no longer relevant will benefit everyone by allowing us to focus more on the bugs which are still biting people.

There are also hundreds of minor bugs which can be worked on as well.


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