squid-cache.org outage


We are currently weathering both a PSU meltdown and disk failure (with full compliment of side effects) on the main squid-cache.org server. The Squid sysadmin and Foundation are all working on it as fast as possible.

Donations towards the purchase of a new server are greatly appreciated and will allow us to buy better hardware.

UPDATE: 2014-10-08: after weeks of late nights and very early mornings by the volunteer sysadmin team we are nearly all back up to full operational state again. The latest status of each affected major service is outlined below.

Mail and Mailing lists

The mail server for squid-cache.org was worst hit. Email has been down across most of September since the initial event. Any email sent to a squid-cache.org email address will have been held up and/or bounced.

Mail services are now back, but some spam control upgrades were forced on us that are still having fallout. Mailing lists are being migrated to a new domain name lists.squid-cache.org. Existing subscriptions have been automatically moved to the new list domain. You can expect to see an initial post explaining the change when the list you are subscribed to is recovered.

This change may require updates to mail filtering and rules outside our services. If you are aware of any in your domain or systems please see that they are updated.

IMPORTANT: some subscriptions have subsequently had to be removed due to backscatter spam from relays and corporate ticket logging systems. Posters to the list know who I am talking about. If you find your subscription has gone silent again recently please check the systems you are having mail delivered to and through then try re-subscribing to the new list.

Mail archives are currently split between the old hypermail + swift archival system and new pipermail. This is reflected on the website. If you are maintaining a mirror of the Squid mail archives please subscribe to our new mailing list for mirror operators and get in touch with the sysadmin team to sort out what is going to happen with mail mirrors in future.


We believe this is recovered. If anyone is still having issues resolving the domains please get in touch with noc @ lists.squid-cache.org.

Code Repository

The repository has been fully recovered and service on bzr.squid-cache.org and rsync is resumed.


The FTP service has been limping along with access but no updates. The main server is now in the process of being rebuilt from scratch. Please do not be surprised if you are suddenly challenged for login, try a mirror instead. Anonymous access to the main FTP will be resumed ASAP.


The http://www.squid-cache.org site is mostly up and running. Mirrors have remained available for the duration, but were not being updated with daily contents. The updates should now have resumed, but there are still a few kinks to work out in the content. If you find any issues going forward please report it in our bugzilla under Project Services.

Mirror Services  and rsync

If you are running a WWW mirror please ensure you are using rsync access and your server is capable of serving the http://www.squid-cache.org name as outlined in the mirror guidelines. Similar goes for FTP mirrors. We are adding a new mailing list for mirror server contacts. Our database of registered contacts for HTTP and FTP mirrors will be automatically subscribed so please keep an eye on the mailbox you registered with us already. Anyone running a Squid mirror of any kind please subscribe and post your mirror details to the list.

The rsync service itself is running with some data shares temporarily disabled. These will be re-opened as the services are brought back to full functionality. There are no changes to remote configurations provided you have been following the current mirror guidelines. The dynamic website (http-files-dyn) will no longer be publicly available, please mirror the static (http-files) instead.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

… and Murphys Law has not finished with us yet:

Some security vulnerabilities were reported. A new squid-3.4.8 package has been released to resolve those. All users relying on SNMP or the pinger helper are advised to upgrade. The SNMP details can be found here, pinger details can be found here.


2 Responses to “squid-cache.org outage”

  1. Sec Aficionado Says:

    Sorry to hear you are having all these problems. Hope things get solved soon.

    I saw a troubling report on Norton’s site: https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=squid-cache.org

    Is this related or is Norton’s report a false positive?

    • Amos Jeffries Says:

      The Norton report appears to be unrelated. Probably a false positive since our developer accounts often host proof of concept scripts that can match AV signatures, but investigating. Thank you for pointing it out.

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