Squid-2.6 IPv6


In case you didn’t know, there’s a work in progress for IPv6 support in Squid-2.6. You’ll find a patch here which, reportedly, is being used in production at a few sites.

If you’d like to see IPv6 in a future Squid-2 release – its a very large change to introduce in the squid-2.6 release so it would appear in a 2.7 or 2.8 release – then please join the squid-users mailing list and let us know.

(I hear a lot of people complaining about how Squid doesn’t “support IPv6” and yet won’t try Squid-3+IPv6 or even try googling for alternatives. The truth is that there’s been unofficial patches to Squid-2 to support IPv6 in some fashion for a number of years now – heck, there was an IPv6 patch to Squid-1! – but noone volunteered to stand up, tidy it up and get it in shape for inclusion into the main tree. If IPv6 is important to you then please say so; please test the stuff thats out there and don’t hesitate to donate to the Squid project with a note saying “for IPv6!”.)

2 Responses to “Squid-2.6 IPv6”

  1. 0brad0 Says:

    Provide snapshots of the Squid 3 IPv6 branch and more people would be willing to test the code and provide feedback. Also regarding the Squid 2 patches, as a package builder for a fairly well known OS every time I have wanted to try and use the Squid 2 patches I have found that the patch
    set is out of date by at least 2 releases and does not even apply cleanly.

  2. Adrian Chadd Says:

    The Squid-2.6 IPv6 patch has been developed by a third party who is currently updating it as he has time.

    We’ve asked him to provide a patch for IPv6 against Squid-2.HEAD in the Squid Sourceforge repository to make it easier to keep up to date. We’ll then try to roll it into a future release.

    As for Squid-3; I’ve passed on your suggestion to the squid-dev mailing list and there’s been a bit of discussion. I’ll see if someone can setup snapshotting of the Squid-3+IPv6 branch.

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